Wellspring Ranch is 160 acres of the sort of rugged pastoral beauty that California is known for. Once part of a Spanish land grant, and before that home to the Chumash Indians, this land is historic. Yet for as long as man has tread through this oak and grass valley, it remains surprisingly untouched. We have trees over 400 years old — we have stillness, we have darkness, we have time here.

Wellspring Ranch was conceived in 2012 as a refined eco-resort. For the last couple of years, we have poured our hearts into the Ranch, hoping to share the magical life we have built with our guests.

For couples who seek a retreat from city life, looking for a "hide-away" off the beaten-track on the Central Coast of California, Wellspring Ranch is isolated enough both geographically and technologically to offer this. Exclusive, hidden, and nestled in a no-cell-phone zone, we are only a 20 minute drive from the famous Pacific Coast Highway, and the miles of pristine beaches it tracks. The winding drive up the creek road to reach the Ranch is quite welcomed, when remembering its bigger purpose: it slows us down, before we arrive at the gates.

At Wellspring Ranch, guests have immediate access to miles of casual, as well as more challenging, hiking and biking trails; appointed gardens and ponds providing numerous rest, reading, and picnic spots; indoor and outdoor yoga facilities; hot tubs; and massage.

Accommodations are unpretentiously chic and homey. Our rooms and cabana-yurts have private baths and there is one sparkling new Airstream trailer —our quintessential California glamping accommodation. There is a communal "Accueil" where guests can chat, read or snuggle up in front of a fire on a winter's day. Ranch fresh meals are prepared and served stylishly al fresco year round. Unlike many retreat resorts in the area, we offer the best of two worlds — earthy and elegant; comfortable and compelling.

Wellspring is very accessible for off-ranch destinations famous to this area of sand dunes, oaks and castles, including sea kayaking, surfing, horseback riding, shopping, wineries and dining. A private wine tour service makes touring from the ranch seamless with the entire retreat experience.