About us

I am originally from Los Angeles , my husband from New York City.  We have owned Wellspring Ranch since 1997.  We came with our vision written on our foreheads, ready to live closer to the land, yet not quite ready to sacrifice all big-city style and elegance. After building a strawbale home, setting up solar power, planting permaculture gardens, all with the intention of lessening our ecological footprint on earth, we settled in.

Wellspring Ranch has been a place of rest and healing, a sanctuary, for our family and friends over the years. In 2014, we opened Wellspring to the public first as a Bed and Breakfast, and in 2015 as an exclusive couples retreat.  The ranch is a quiet peaceful place and resonates with couples who enjoy hiking, soaking up fresh air and nature, books, some good wine and real food, and maybe a little yoga, too. These are all the things we love, all the things that have nourished our body, mind and soul for many years.

Wellspring Ranch has plugged us into the important things in life.  We want to share this bliss with everyone who comes. 

Jennifer and Richard